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*Hugs you real tight* Would you please send this to the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going? Make their day with a hug. :)

X) thank you!!! I never get these, makes me feel good \^__^/

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smooth-moonwalker asked:

What do you use to edit your pictures? As your edits are always amazing! ^_^

^___^ thank you!! Sorry I’m answering late I just woke up lol, I just use photoshop and I play around

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Michael Jackson || - Ebony/Jet Interview, 1987.

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  • Aries: rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows, strong jaw structure
  • Taurus: doe eyes, tan easily, womanly bodies, thick hair
  • Gemini: petite, youthful looks, long limbs, crooked smiles
  • Cancer: baby faces, fragile bodies, round faces and watery eyes
  • Leo: awesome strong hair, friendly features, one million dollar smiles
  • Virgo: prominent noses, sad puppy eyes, healthy body weight
  • Libra: feminine symmetrical faces, no prominent features, very balanced
  • Scorpio: reptilian eyes, nice skin, memorable / outstanding features
  • Sagittarius: friendly, ageless faces, strong legs
  • Capricorn: mature faces, nice cheekbones, compact bodies
  • Aquarius: long limbs, sleepy eyes, big smiles
  • Pisces: small eyes.. ?? anything is possible with pisces
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Tom Hiddleston got nominated for the ice bucket challenge……he’ll probably apologize to the people he nominates

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January 27th, 1989 - Memorial Sports Arena, LA.

The End of the Bad World Tour.

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Paris 1988

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  • Normal person watching movie: I like that actor
  • *Moves on with life*
  • Me watching movie: I like that actor
  • *looks actor up on Wikipedia*
  • *buys biography of actor*
  • *acquires all movies with actor*
  • *blogs nothing but pictures of actor*
  • *cries forever over actor*
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"When you were in Michael Jackson’s presence, you felt the energy shift, he had a special presence that is unexplainable. He was born special." - Keya Morgan

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"In the short film 'You Rock My World' they wanted to darken his skin and remold his nose a little. Shortly after hearing this Michael locked himself in the bathroom and began to break everything. Frank Cascio came in to find Michael sitting on the floor. Michael began to cut his hair so now his hair is half long and half short. He held his head in his hands and while sobbing said: “Would you believe it? they think i’m ugly? They want me to remold my nose? What the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t tell them how they should be! Fuck them!” Speaking through his tears he said “They think i am a monster! though, i am a monster. I am a monster!”

This is so sad, I have found this text on weheartit.

If they believed that Michael is the monster, they were wrong. They are the monsters in this case, Michael is an angel and for me he was always beautiful.

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A rare few seconds of Michael Jackson undoubtedly imitating the fighting style of Bruce Lee during a live performance of “Beat It.”

It’s well documented that Michael was a massive fan of Bruce and was reportedly dismayed that they never met.

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