"…HL: Your mother Kathy Hilton was a very good friend of Michael Jackson. Is it true that they vowed to both name their daughters Paris?

Paris Hilton: They made a pact when they were teenagers. They said that whoever has the first girl gets to name her Paris. I was born first and then when Paris was born Michael called my mom and said, “We had that pact but I really love the name Paris, do you mind if my daughter is Paris too?” And my mom said, “Yes, of course, go ahead.” It’s a cute story.”


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"That boy moves in a very exceptional way. That’s the greatest dancer of the century."

"I didn’t want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant was. Thank you, Michael."

- Fred Astaire on Michael Jackson


“When he went into the studio, the idea was that he was going to sing it first and then Janet would go in and sing after him. So Janet’s sitting there, me and Terry are sitting there, and Michael goes in. Before he sings, he’s just real calm and quiet, “Can you turn my headphones up a little bit?” Then all of a sudden the music comes on and he starts dancing around the room, hitting all his signature moves.And he’s like, wearing a bracelet or something while clapping — you’re not really supposed to do that when you’re on the mic, but it didn’t even matter. When it was over, I swear to God, it was just silence in the room. He said, “How was that?” We’re like, “Yeah, that sounded really good.”And I turned and looked at Janet and she said to me, “I’ll just do my vocal in Minneapolis.” It was like, “I’m not going to do my vocal right now.” Obviously he just killed it, right? [laughs]

So we go to Minneapolis with Janet, where she does a great job on her vocal. We send it to Michael, he goes, “Wow, Janet sounds great. Where did she record that vocal?” I said it was in Minneapolis. “I’m coming to Minneapolis.” So Michael comes to Minneapolis to re-record his vocal, and it was a real glimpse into his competitive nature. It didn’t even matter that it was his sister. It was just like, “No. I have to redo it. She did hers, I have to redo mine.” It was just crazy, his competitiveness even with his own sister. But it was that drive for perfection. And the original vocal he did in New York ended up being probably 90 percent of the vocal on the final song.”

- Jimmy Jam on Recording ‘Scream’ with Michael & Janet Jackson


Beloved, let me ask you a question: Why? Why is there so much poverty in the world? Why so much torture and agony? And why innocent children suffer and die? I do not understand it. You understand that? I want to help. I want to make people happy, even if only for a moment. This is what gives meaning to my life. You do not understand me? What have I done to you to judge me? You are really jealous of me? You do not need it. You would not want to be me … Maybe you just want me to confess my “guilt”. Yes, yes, I do what kids love! But not the way you imagine it to be. I love them from the bottom of my heart. Because children do not make wars.Children will never hurt me. It makes me happy to see their eyes shining. It is a crime to want to want to be happy and make others happy? Many of them visit I will soon die of cancer or other terrible diseases. I will not let you stop me, through his arrogance, giving them just a happy day! Yes, indeed I did plastic surgery! You know what it feels like?! How many times I had to wake up with pain!How many times I was not knowing what to expect from me look in the mirror! How many times I’ve cried while doing it! Can not you see I’m kicking myself for that, I can not deal with my face, and myself! Because you also punish me for it? Yes it is true that I was black! You get darker skin because of sun and wonder why. But I’m sick and you hit me for it. The sun that you love so much can kill me.Previously I also enjoyed being outside in the sun, now almost all I can go out at night. If I had not become the Michael Jackson we know today, I would also like this: I would be a black / white curls and a thick nose-african and everyone would laugh at me. Well, now you tease me because of my small nose. Perhaps I had died because they could not protect me as well, as I can today. Would you rather I was dead? Or that I had not existed? But then you would not have my music! I would not have “Billie Jean”?! My music you love, is not it? Only I did not. But I make music to make you happy. You torture me with your words shameful. Words can sometimes hurt more than punches. Often I sit in a corner to cry. I ask God for that I must suffer this, because I do not know what I did wrong. Because I never did any harm to anyone. I’m afraid of you because you hurt me so much. And I did not even defend myself. I just hide behind my mask. Oh, I hate those masks! Under them I can barely breathe. But I have no choice, it is the only way to protect myself. But you do not like when I protect myself. You prefer to kick a defenseless man in his face, but I will not do this favor. I need not be ashamed of anything I did. And how can I see in you, dear unknown, there are people who understand my message. My friends and I, we’re not going to war with tanks. We came with sunflowers all of you, even laughed at us and do not buy our flowers. Maybe you do not understand before, not only flowers, but the sunrise. With my music, with what I do, I would like to bring a light to the world. But you must kill me, for someone to believe in me? And until someone believes in me, I just want to do good and suffer with their hatred. But then you ask indignantly: “And the children?” How can you think of who I love most take away from me. You say they are not my children. You say I could not educate them. How can you know that? It is more important that the blood flows in their veins than I be able to die for them? The hatred and their envy blind prevent you from knowing what love means. You do not know me, however, you already judged me! You, the journalists I preach the cross in the morning and evening will hear my music!That’s right! You do not care what you write is simply to attract readers and cause headlines. But my name is enough to attract people. Why is it always necessary to accuse me? Why do not you write something positive, you would not have to waste time! Why do I have to be “Wacko Jacko”? Can not you see I’m the one who is suffering? You haunt me like I was an animal. There is no one who sees that I am also a human being? Where you have your heart? Do you have mercy? You have love? If one in ten people who receive this letter, understand me, my life will have been only be lived. “ 

Letter written by Michael Jackson in 2008.


“In the studio, Jackson had very specific preferences. Before singing, he would often request a scalding hot drink with cough drops to relax his vocal chords. He liked the music so loud his collaborators often had to wear earplugs or leave the room. He usually sang with the lights off, as the darkness allowed him to totally immerse himself in the song without feeling self-conscious.

As he sang, he also danced, stomped, or snapped his fingers. If he didn’t have the lyrics written yet, he would simply scat through the song or make up words as he went along. In between sessions he liked to doodle on stray pieces of paper or play with animals he brought in, including his chimpanzee, Bubbles, and his python, Muscles (who enjoyed the warmth of the control board)” - Joseph Vogel ‘Man in the Music’

The stupidest thing I have done, setting sunset driver as my alarm clock… Don’t ever do that

Dirty Diana (Nick* Radio Mix ft. Steve Stevens) [Long Solo]
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Captain EO - close up


It’s Only a Movie by Dew-Sama

Michael Jackson - Vanity Fair - 1989